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Anybody out there who can provide any info about LSU's program at new orleans.

Thanks in advance


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i know 3 guys graduating this year and 2 got in last year.

lots of nursey stuff up front, whole semester.

used to have limited clinical exp. but they have branched out lately.

gotta pay for your own housing when you have to travel out of town for clinical.

good education for what i hear.



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Have you visited their website?


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Last years class (their third) had about a 150 applicants and accepted 40. The application pool this year will probably be larger, although in the anesthesia world that is not bad odds. The strong points, good anesthesia faculity, access to great resources b/c it is housed in a health science center. For example, you have access to the same pharmacology and physiology professors as the medical students. As a matter of fact, you even get a chance to take medical physiology with the med students. And for now LSU does not have a medical anethesia residency program in New Orleans, so you don't have to compete with residents. In addition, the have clinical sites through out the state and even in Miss.; however, some of the lodging does come out of your pocket. Also, the program is one of the longer ones, 32 months and the first semester does consist of some nursing fluff, b/c you do receive a MSN. But the next 27 months are all science classes and clinicals. It is considered an intergrated program, you start your clinicals about 7 months into the program. And you get almost two years of clinicals at a full-time level. If you are state resident tut. is about 7500.00 a year not counting books and a lab top comp. that will be required for the next class. Overall, I think it is a good program and has the potential to be a very good program as it evolves, by the way the rest of the nursing school has an excellent reputation. And the football team is AWESOME!! GO TIGERS!!!


If anyone has wondered where I have been? WEll lets just say the experience of anesthesia school is everthing you read on this board and more, so back to the books!

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