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LSU Hesi Exam - Locations and content

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Hello! I am currently in the process of applying for the Spring 2015 semester at LSUHSC. I need to take the Hesi somewhere in Baton Rouge, but I am not sure where I can take the test. Also - anyone who has taken the exam, what subjects should I really be focusing on preparing for? I've read before that there was no physics. This would be AWESOME for me if it were true!! Thanks so much!

I am also applying for the spring 2015 semester at LSU! When you register for the HESI, there is a testing center in Baton Rouge. It is off of Sherwood Forest Blvd.

There is no physics! Spend a lot of time studying Anatomy and Biology. Chemistry was very general and the other sections weren't too bad. Good luck!

Thank you!! How long after taking your exam were you able to get your results? I am cutting it very close to the application deadline, unfortunately.

As soon as you finish the test, you will see your scores! They give you 4 hours for the test but I only took 2 and a half.

I haven't read any minimum score required on their website, but forums are leading me to believe it's an 80? Does anyone know any truth behind this?

I'm pretty sure 75% is passing. I've heard that to be competitive in the application process you need around an 85%. I don't think they have a minimum requirement though.