Well LS3 on April 11, crunch time in progress. With God's help and my studying hoping to pull this one off then on to Chronicity. Any last minute advise or hints are welcome.


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Take the practice test and study all of the answers..I thought that one was the easiest one of all. But everyone has other opinions.. Good luck!! Know nursing interventions for diseases/meds. I felt there were a lot of "nursing judgement" questions. Wound care/infections know those well.


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I take the same one on the same day. It is my last one before FCCA and CPNE. I hope I am ready this time. I have not had good luck with this one before. Then I will also have fallen into the new FCCA format. Good luck to you. I agree, study the practice test and I also use It has been quite helpful for me the last 3 exams.


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I read the textbook, Saunders, Flashcardexchange, practice exams, studygroup101, Nclex 4000 and all the questions i can find on those area. Re-reading my notes and going over my practice exam again. Good luck to us lissa6800 on Wednesadya. We will can do this and we will. Let's think positive!


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getting ready to take ls3 in june, worried about test but hoping to do well. it helps to read others imput and advise.