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LS2 and beyond


Been awhile since I posted an update...due to many life changes I put school on hold for a little bit but I'm back...Testing LS2 April 3 and LS3 May 1...once I pass I can register for the fcca May 3rd!! Pushing to be done with the CPNE by the end of the year if not sooner!!

Good luck, I am currently studying for LS2 and LS3 in hopes of joining the May 4 FCCA as well! We can do it!

What are you using to study? I'm using study group101 and Saunders...really nervous!!

Oh wow I am taking LS2 tomorrow as well ha! Good luck I have used SG101 and Saunders as well. I do really good with printing out the quizzes at the end of SG101 and checking my accuracy with them. I go over the rationales and make sure I understand why I got them right or wrong. I do have the actual textbooks which I sometimes use to clarify some things (like Endocrine), well good luck, tell me how it goes tomorrow.

I passed with a B too!!!!

Yeah us!!! When are you testing LS3? My date is May 1st.

Awesome and congrats, I will be taking LS3 April 23! I see a lot of ppl saying how hard it is so I will be studying intensely! Do you have any gen eds to take after the nursing tests?

No after LS 3 I'll be eligible for the FCCA..you?

Yes I have Sociology left but I will still be joining the next FCCA, just have to knock that out by the end of the program.


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