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Hi all, I'm new to this page, and I'm really looking for advice and some insight about lpns and schooling and their job all together.

first, a little about myself.

I am 23 a mother of two, a boy who is almost 4 and a girl that is almost 2!

as of a couple weeks ago I am separated from my husband, and it has really opened my eyes. For so long I was very dependent on him and it seems to be what he wanted. Me at home with the kids being a "woman" and doing the duties of a woman u know go make me sandwich type deal, anyway for a very long time now I've wanted to go and get into college and start a career in nursing.

i think it is something that would fit me well, I've always been honest and always offered help to the elderly and listened to their stories and I know many people don't ever give them the time of day and so on.

I'm pretty worried about school though, I was horrible at high school. I have a really hard time paying attention and remembering things, anyone have an idea as to how I can fix this?

i really want to succeed in this, I live in NC.

My sister in law is almost finished with the program so she is giving me some advice and I'm sure she will help in anyway she can.

So so the questions I have are

1- how to maintain focus and how to memorize everything they dish out?

2- how long was pre-reqs?

3-is there any things I can do to prepare myself (won't begin until next year but I really need to get familiarized with stuff as much as possible)

4- im horrible at math and anything to do with science, can I still succeed in this program?

5- do any of yall have kids? Single parents? How did u get thru class and clinicals?

Be honest please, if there is something I should or can do to prepare please tell me.

im sure this isn't suppose to be a cake walk but I also don't want to be completely over my head.

I would look into local community colleges, and see what they have to offer as far as nursing programs. I would look into some local vocational schools and see what they have to offer as far as LPN, and medical assisting, CNA, EMT--more short term training that could get you at least working and go from there as far as advancing.

You also need to do some research on where the greatest need is and where you can actually get a job where you live. Is it a place where you can work as an LPN? Would a medical assistant in an MD office be a better fit at this point in your life? Would you need a BSN to work in a hospital?

See what tutoring is available at any school you look into. See what academic support is available. Even 5 years or so out of school, a great deal can change, and the way you learn now may be quite different than when you were in high school. If you are finding little to no academic support and you are struggling, then see your PCP regarding your attention issues.

It is a hard gig being a nurse and attempting to raise kids as a single Mom. Make sure you have a support system in place, and look into a daycare/preschool for the kids. Also see that as a newly single person, what is available to you as far as assistance. Sometimes that can include job training, tuition help, and daycare help.

Best wishes to you!