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:redbeathe:redbeatheHi everyone, I have been on here for a while, and I really enjoy the site. This is my first thread, but I thought this information might help some new grads, as well as other nurses who may be looking for a change.

I got a indeed job alert today. NYS Office of people with disabilities is looking for a LPN in Redhook NY, and are looking for a RN within the agency also. The website is StateJobsNY.com, you can scroll through the job vacancies and see what the reqirements are. If you want more specific info regarding this agency, I can help as I am familiar with this agency.

I also saw a job alert for LPNS and RNS who have one year peds experience, and a current NY license. The agency is Bayada Nurses. You can call 914 631 2027 for more information. I hope that this information helps someone out there. I know jobs are tough to come by. Wish everyone the best. Virgo, student nurse

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