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what is the lpn? in norway it is,i asume, hjelpepleier.

this is a 3 year education in vocationalschool. first year is general:health,biology and things like nutrition and the societys role in healthcare.

second year is more specific in nursing terms and there are 6-12 weeks of hands-on-nursing every semester.also some about the role you as a lpn have and some social study. third year is when you learn all the hospitalrelated things like tubefeeding and such. also 6-12 weeks p semester with handsonnursing in hospitals.

how is it in your country??

suzanne4, RN

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What you are describing is equivalent to our LPN program in many ways, except for the length of the program.

Vocational school is what puts it into this category, in many countries.

In the US, you can attend an RN program anywhere from two to four years. Depending on the type of degree that you are going for, but no matter which type, you will still sit for the same NCLEX-RN exam. In the US, the RN is required to do the initial assessment of the patient, and in some areas, must do all of the documentation.

Hope that this helps..............

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