LPN's: not CNA's and not RN's so....

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I'm confused as to exactly where a CNA's duties stop and begin being an LPN's duties and where those LPN's duties stop and become an RN's duties.

What do LPN's do that CNA's don't and what do RN"s do that LPN's can't?

I know things are different according to where you live, but I've been told that LPN's are just glorified CNA's and pretty much get the duties of one, and not much respect.

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Do a search on this topic. There has been many threads where this has been discussed, many in the last few weeks.

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Hi... I"m gonna close this on basis of Beating a dead horse. Please give a quick look in the forum.. Any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to drop me a line, I'm around.


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