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LPN's in Clinics

I'm a student nurse. I had to take a semester off, and I am doing my clinicals in a doctor's office this semester. I believe a ObGYN office, a pediatricians office, and a few others.

This being said, I'm very nervous. I also don't have a lot of nursing experience. I got picked to do these clinicals based on my resume. I even had to interview for them, they obviously didn't care I didn't have experience. Only 3 students in my class got picked to these rotations it's kind of a honor.

What should I freshen up on, read up on, and practice up on? What do LPN's do in the clinics? I don't want to look stupid, for when I shadow these nurses! Anything and anything would be great info!

sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

Specializes in critical care, ER,ICU, CVSURG, CCU.

Triage but in person and telephone communication

Usually get set of vital signs on all patients, review their home medication, and supplements, note the ....we use a medication log....as we are not computerized......

Assist in procedures, as pelvic exam, suture removal, skin lesion removal....

Assess the patient is there or their chief complaint, I also give a history as in he of hypertension disease for a duration, say for example,

18mo.-2 years.....

Note all patients, example desires better control of diabetes or hypertension

I also note how the patient feels, ie: some mild anxiety and frequent insomnia, or expertional dyspnea... Medication allergies& and comorbidies as smoking or alcohol use...

I also do a comfort assessment ie: complains of low back pain and stiffness on a level 7, on 1' -10 scale ...

I'm afforded a lot of auto my, but I have been a RN for 45years..."

There is a lot of multi tasking...

You might be required to dra w blood, EKG as a condition warrants $ physician orders...

Patient education re new pharmaceuticals....: as postural hypotension with some new np Meds.

Keep rooms stocked etc, straighten up or clean exam room after patient leaves

Administer injections as antibiotics, hormone injections etc...

Best wishes,you will do fine

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Thanks! This answered my question perfectly.

I work in a family practice clinic. I give a lot of injections. I often provide education about them and patients often have questions about them. You can visit the CDC website and brush up on the "VIS" handouts that are available on there.


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