LPN while working FT


Hi there. I'm 30, I have a BFA, work full time 9-5 and I'm trying to get into nursing. I live in Seattle where it's impossible to live on a part-time salary, but I've been recently disappointed to find my local community colleges don't offer night classes for LPNs. Am I SoL? Is there anything I can do?

I've considered a night job while taking day classes, but finding a night job that pays rent is also extremely difficult.

Some places offer online LPNs. That would be fine, but how does that work with clinicals? O.o?

I have a student loan ready to pay for the school itself, but I have to pay rent as well. Anyone have any advice for me?

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I made it through school by taking out loans and cutting expenses. I gave up my car and took the bus, lived in a horrible neighborhood, and had a pay as you go flip phone that cost me $20 about every three months. It was awful, but I'm much better off now. I would have been easier to sacrifice and rough it earlier in life, but it took me a while to figure things out.

Good luck. I hear LVN programs are short, but very rigorous. Even if you find one that works around your job, you'll still need plenty of time to study.