LPN w/ BS --Should I go for BSN or Associates RN


I am currently in a full time LPN program with a graduation date of 6/2010 (unless anything goes horribly awry or I win the lotto).

I am already thinking of going on for my RN, but wonder if I should go for an Associates or BSN--I already have a BS in communications from Syracuse University.

I am middle-aged and need to work ASAP, which is why I chose an LPN in the first place, but still think that I need to get that RN.

Granted, I still have to see what prereqs I would need for either program--but of course that BS will cost more and I go PT in either case.

My issue is how a potential employer would view me if I got an associate's in nursing with an RN, but not a BSN...

Would I still be considered a bachelor's trained nurse?

Let me know what you know or think.



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You won't be considered a bachelor trained nurse with an ASN because your BS in not in nursing. I live in TN and any form of RN is considered great. An RN is an RN regardless if it's an ASN or a BSN. They do the same thing. If I were you, I would see how many of your BS credits will transfer over to a BSN program and if enough will transfer I would do the BSN otherwise I would go for the ASN.


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With your previous degree, you are qualified to enter an accelerated BSN program and should look into that option. Otherwise, a BSN will do you better in the long run.


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Thanks for the suggestion--

The problem with my degree and accelerated programs is that I still need prereqs plus the one here is very expensive.

I guess I'll just have to ask various programs what they would require from me given my qualifications--the problem there is that the info they give whether to get a BSN or AS would must likely be skewed in their favor.

I was more looking for answers from those who hire nurses--what they look at. I have tried to email and ask them directly, but have not gotten any answers.

I see a BSN as an AS with the extra electives and requirements for a basic 4-year degree. Since I have all that in my BS, I thought taking the AS would give me all the nursing stuff I need--Yes, you can get that in the non-BS to BSN programs, but again those are given by large expensive private colleges and I can get an AS from a public community college.

Now, my take could be wrong--and that's why I was asking if it really made a big difference. Of course also I was hoping that a future employer might help pay for the RN upgrade-in that case price isn;t as important--to me anyway--but time would be a factor.

I am also in a LPN program and have an existing BS degree in Business and HR Management. I live in the Rochester, NY area and would like to continue on to a RN or BSN program. Age and speed is also a factor as I am 55. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas for both of us.

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