LPN w/ BS-pre health but not BSN.. Please help


Hello all, I graduated with a BS in Pre health in 2010. I decided vet school was not right for me and chose to go into nursing. I was unaware of the bridge programs available until 3/4 of the way through my PN program and I am now a LPN. Are there jobs I can get as an LPN with a BS even though it is not my BSN? I want to go into forensic nursing in the future. Are there internships I can do? Do i do the BS to BSN program or do I go LPN to RN to MSN. I have so many unanswered questions and when I look it up online all I get is information on bridge programs. Did i waste time and money? :down:


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You could do a 2nd degree LPN to BSN program.


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What about an accelerated RN program since you already have a degree? Some states have it as a 1 year program.

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I am headin to AZ and can place into the second year of the RN program with my LPN. Concurrent enrollment to ASU and there is only one more semester to complete BSN.

with your BS it would likely elim a few courses like microbiology and such and give you a little less course load.


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Get your RN. I worked with an LVN who had his MBA. He got no special treatment.

If you already have a BS, no matter what area it is in, you can apply and enter an accelerated 2nd degree BSN program that is for most places only 12-15 months as long as you have the required prerequisites. Being an lpn in you'll also have an upper hand to get in. Good luck.


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thanks for the ideas everyone! sorry I have not been on to reply in a while.