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Anyone upgrading from LPN to BN in Manitoba and having a hard time transfering credits? I am starting a letter writing campaign and the more people who write the more response we'll get. RN's upgrading are welcome too. Thanks, Hope to hear from you all.


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The RN bridge is a sore point to many older LPN's. There doesn't seem to be one set of standards anywhere. One school in BC asks for a current license, Gr.12 English -- thats it. Grant McEwan in Edmonton is asking for Gr 12 Eng, Bio, Chem and starting Sept Gr. 12 math. Oh, and they have to be done in the last five years.

At my age (47) I'm not going back to redo my Grade 12 (even have a two year university transfer diploma) . Back in the '70's the only people that did Math 12 were future engineering, draftsmen, and doc/dentists....

It seems that some schools have expectations that are unrealistic and many employers thought that their experienced LPNs would go back to school for about 18 months, pick up advanced nursing courses and they would return an RN. One of my CNE's even told me that she found the requirements unrealistic as she wouldn't make it into the RN programme these days.

Good Luck with your letters but don't hold your breath...


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The problem that I am having is that I am required to do a clinical that is a HCA rotation. Why am I required to do this and why are the skills I do everyday on the job not sufficient, I have to pay to be retaught things like IM, SQ, IV starts, etc. It's all about money and it's time that money didn't play such a big role in this.


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It is all about money. I finished with my LPN in December of 2005. The plan was to go back right away and get my RN however I was told there was a 7 to 8 year waiting list, however if someone who worked at Walmart wanted to be an RN, it was a 3 to 4 year wait list. That was extremely frustrating for me. Then like you said there is the whole other issue of them not accepting any credits and making you redo everything. LPN's in Manitoba are the highest trained LPNs in Canada. I have worked in numerous areas as an LPN and the LPNs do nothing different than the RNs (exception would be ER I suppose). I finally ended up going to the US to get my RN, but the a-holes here sure didn't make that easy for me when it came to transferring everything. Thankfully it's all done now. Unfortunately I would not recommend that anyone take their LPN unless they never want to upgrade. Sad, but that's how it is :(

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