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LPN trying to get into corrections nursing


I am an LPN in the state of TN, and I have 15+ years of nursing experience. I am very interested in corrections nursing. I have always been very intrigued by the criminal justice system, and am the daughter of a cop, and the wife of a corrections officer. At one time, in my younger days, I actually wanted to be a cop, but realize that I'm too big of a weenie for that job. :yes:

However, I am starting to look for something in corrections. My best friend is an LPN at a state prison and loves his job. There are no prisons close to where I live (closest is probably a little under 100 miles away), but there are several county jails in reasonable driving distance.

My hubby is leery of me doing so, as he says I am too tender-hearted for the job. But I've been verbally abused in hospitals and doctors' offices by patients before, so I don't see me running crying from the room. I'm 42 years old and not some schoolgirl to be bullied. I've also worked with abused women and been their court advocate, so I've had to stand up to woman-beaters before and stand physically between them and their victim in court. I've had to tell more than one to get out of my face and go sit down and leave her alone. I'm 6' tall and very not skinny. I think I'd be fine.

I'm registered for two classes...Intro to Criminology and Intro to Criminal Justice...at a local community college for Spring semester. I thought it would look good of a resume, plus give me some foundation.

Thoughts or ideas? Advice?

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I have been in corrections for 6 years i started when i was barely 21 scared my parents to death. I would let your husband know there are risks no mater where you work er nurses deal with combative violent pt everyday with little or no security help. As for advice for you be aware ofyour surroundings trust your gut be fair firm and consistant. I love corrections it is a whole different world that requires a special nurse to overcome many challenges

Thanks for your reply, Lyn, and for the advice.

I do have a nibble for a job in our local county jail. The company that contracts the healthcare there had an ad on indeed.com and I sent them my resume through the site a few days ago. I got an email last night from the HR Manager, with an application attached that I'm supposed to complete and fax back to him.

If I get it, I'll definitely take your advice to heart, and probably be hounding you for more.


Specializes in Correctional Nursing; MSN student. Has 16 years experience.

I've been in corrections for 8 years. My coworker is an excellent LPN and LOVES her job. We have a lot of autonomy and use critical thinking skills daily. Like the OP said, you have to be firm, fair and consistent. Inmates love it when new nurses come along...they play one nurse against the other, try to manipulate, win you over, etc. Just treat them all the same, never "do favors," be respectful but professional, and be aware of the games they play. Bottom line..they're people that need medical care like anyone else. I feel safer in our jail than any other clinical setting. Be sure and ask about security measures for nurses if you interview. Some places are better than others. I worked in one facility where I was a hostage waiting to happen. Just check it out...it can be a GREAT job. Good luck!

Thanks for your response, mtsteelhorse. And for your insight, as well. I've made a note to definitely ask about security for nurses when/if I get an interview.

Thanks again!