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lpn 2015-2016


I be starting school at st Louis college of health careers. I'll be going January 5, 2015 . Has anyone gone here before how is this school and what do I need to do to help me a long the way????

Hey....I go there now I started in August.....it's 4 semesters and so far so good!! They key is never getting behind and STUDY so far I have straight A's.

I wanted to start August but I was due to have a baby ..and I didn't pass the hesi at the time I made a 74.6 and when I retook it I made 80.6 so I was very happy ......Keep up the good work on those A's ....What semester u r in now and how often u go to class do u go M-F

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I'm only in first semester....I only come on campus Monday-Thursday im gone by 12:00 Tho

That's cool that gives me at least 3 hours to get started on my homework before my kids get home I have 8 5 3 and 2 month that's why I'm gonna work every other weekend when school start for me.

Yea I have 4 children as well 12 7 6 and 2

I don't work at all maybe later but I needed to get adjusted to school life again first lol

I understand I just need gas to get to and from school .... but right know I'm as many hours so I can get Xmas out the way I have help but its nothing like your own.....lol

R u going to st Louis college of health careers

When did u receive your class schedule was it on the orientation day r befor

I was wondering when did they give u class schedules was it on orientation day r before then

I was wondering when did they give u class schedules was it on orientation day r before then

Amy told me 1-2-2015 That's like that Friday before class start I was hopeing it would have been way before then so I could have been looking in my books...

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That's when u get books and uniform do they let get supply's on that day r you can get it befor

U get fitted for uniforms they come back in 3 weeks

First semester U don't need supplies