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Good Afternoon to all the male nurses and futre male nurses

I have a question I am going for the RN program at my school I am through with my pre reqs I am also graduating from FSCJ in May. I am thought about doing the LPN program but alot of people suggest I dont I need to make a 90 on my NAt test which I am studying for I thougt about LPN because with my AA degree it will get me in the program faster because degree students get in faster. If I do the LPN I will bridge to the lpn to RN and be dont but I dont know what I should do at this point I just want to be the nurse I am called to be what are some suggestions guys.



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Go RN.

Bridges get you from where you didn't want to be to somewhere else. Don't go there on your way to an RN and don't look back. If you already have your LPN and recently became aware RN is right, the bridge is your answer.

Bridges I see add extra time and extra costs.

Time: 1 less RN semester-but you already did an LPN year and you may wait to "cycle into" the bridge program. Maybe not enough interested LPNs will make a bridge class, especially if they want to get started sooner and do the whole RN instead of the bridge, which you find out the bridge cancels at the very last minute and you wait again.

Cash: 2 clinical/lab and 2 graduation fees, 2 sets of nursing books and 2 NCLEX exams to wait, schedule, study and pay for!

Plan to give your best effort only once for the RN. Millions have done the RN without an expensive LPN prep class.

Best wishes.



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Thanks Airomed

I dont have an LPN license right now so what is the best way to study for the NAT