I am taking my prerequs to get into the RN program at my college and was thinking about becoming an LPN first because it has less prerequs and the program is shorter.

I hear that LPN's mostly work in LTC and wanted to know what type of things LPN's do in LTC.

Thank you!:nurse:


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I would strongly suggest you go ahead and do a RN program instead of LPN. I went for LPN first for the same reasons you stated. I will be starting the pre-reqs soon so that I can do a bridge program over to RN.

I currently work in LTC and it is extremely stressful. The workload is massive and if you have one thing go wrong such as a fall or someone gets really ill your whole day is crashed. The biggest job the LPN's do is pass meds. It might not sound like a lot, but when you have several residents who take 16 meds each it can be overwhelming to say the least... especially if you do the 12 hour shifts like I do and have three med passes. Then we won't even mention if your relief calls in and you have to wait there longer than that lol! I fully expected nursing to be stressful and hectic, but I am hoping to find a niche that won't be quite this bad since I am no longer a "spring chicken". :)

The only bright spot is the attachment you will develop for several of the residents. I can't tell you how good it made me feel this past weekend to overhear a recently admitted couple discussing what a good nurse and a nice lady I am after I left the room. Most of the elderly are wonderful and genuinely enjoy having someone to just "talk" to. The sad part is the workload makes this impossible most of the time. I am thinking of checking into some of the assisted living facilities and see if this will work out any better for me.

Good luck to you and have a great day!


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I am an LPN who has completed the RN program. I still haven't taken my state boards, which I will, however, I am in NO rush!! I was recently promoted to Program Director in a Retirement Community and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am making the monies that an RN would make and wishing that I wouldn't of spent the money on that schooling. I am also in my early 40's......I wish you all the luck in the world!!


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What exactly do you do as a Program director? I am thinking if could find some sort of position besides the "endless med pass", I wouldn't mind it so much either. The no restraint thing at my facility really bothers me also. Watching a 90-year-old lady crack her head wide open because I couldn't reach her in time is ridiculous:(

Someone told me to check with the assisted living facilities, as they were different than the nursing home scenario. I don't mean to sound stupid, but are the retirement communities similar to assisted living?

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I was an LPN before I became an RN. I worked in LTC and now work on the medical floor at our hospital. I am thankful for the experience I gained as an LPN. I gained excellent time management skills. I worked a 2-10pm shift when I did LTC which was great for a new grad. You only have one meal and the residents are getting ready for bed. The patients who are entering LTC these days are sicker than they have been. They need enteral feedings, intraveneous medications, replacement of urinary catheters, and even a trach. I learned delegation skills, and basic nursing and critical thinking. I had a great mentor who helped me transtion from student to LPN. It is a personal decision. It depends on the job market and how difficult it is to get into either program. When I first started applying to nurisng schools LPN wasn't on my radar, but when I was accepted to an LPN program I thought I would rather do this than wait another year to get into an RN progam.


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Yes! Assisted living is very similiar to Retirement Communites....We have Condo's all the way down to Memory Care in our Community. I would definitely call around to Assisted Living Communities! Sure can't hurt!!

As a Program Director, I oversee our 30 bed memory care unit. I work M-F, however, I am on call 24/7. I have an excellent boss though that definitely handles her share of the oncall time. I am in charge resident assessments/doctor orders/staff/ pretty much the daily functions of the units. It's definitely a different kind of nursing but I enjoy it!!