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Im so.Thankful my God is so amazing. To go threw problems as an child. To go threw bad break ups in relationships. To go threw sickness. And still reamain strong and focus is sooo Amazing. My God is so good to me, I thank him for everything. Im bless. I never thought in a million years to feel the joy of just having my acceptance letter for Nursing School. For me to hear them say see you on the 1st day of school, was so breath taken....I literally cried tears of joy. The joy i feel is so amazing. To go threw so much and over come everything and still remain focus is a blessing.

I thank my God everyday for my miracles and my blessing. Im soooo Thankful. The Devil.will try to knock you down and destroy you. But i told him not today Devil, I am God's child and will not let you still my joy......To everyone in Nursing school, or already thinking about attending Nursing school I applaud all you guys and wish you nothing but the best. To all my Nurses I thank you, I look up to all Nurses because i want to be just like you. And I thank the ones that have talk to me encourage me to do better and attend Nursing School. Thank You

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Miss Infermiera2b, BSN, RN

Specializes in Med/Surg, Oncology. Has 2 years experience.

Congratulations on your acceptance to LPN school! I'm still waiting on an acceptance/rejection letter from my RN program so I hope that I can share in the same joy you're experiencing :)

TheNatural_Nurse, LPN

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Congratulations on your acceptance! I start my Lpn program July 6th and I'm very anxious, excited, and nervous. I know God will be with us throughout this journey. Good luck and congrats once again.