LPN Salaries - 2009

U.S.A. Massachusetts


Hi, I am a newly graduated LPN, currently looking for a job in Massachusetts. Can anyone provide any baseline salary info for comparison during my job search?

What is a competitive salary for an LPN in a hospital?

What is the starting salary for a new-grad LPN in a hospital?

What is a generic job description for an LPN in a hospital?

I know that LTC generally pays more, but I would eventually like to get my MSN and specialize in Pedi, possibly working in Labor & Delivery... so LTC wouldn't really provide much relevant experience :(

But.. what is a competitive salary for LTC?

Where would an LPN make the most $$?

Thanks for any info :)

Bad news for you, there are not many LPN jobs in hospitals today. Where there are opportunities are in clinics and out patient centers. The pay is about $16-18/hour.

LTC the pay can range from $18-22 an hour, places that pay more often don't give a great orientation and you may be sorry you put your hard earn license in jeopardy.

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