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Need some feedback please. I am looking at an LPN/RN program @ Galen(45k by the time I am done) vs Invasive Tech program @ Spencerian (40K). Both are associates. I am torn because I would be thrilled to be working as a Nurse or as a RCIS. My sister, a nurse, thinks I should do my LPN at Galen (1 year) and then pursue the RCIS.

Galen will take almost 3 years and Spencerian will take 2 years.

I am a single dad (44 years old) with 3 children and the LPN makes sense in that I would at least be working in the field, getting experience and I am out of school quickly.

If you have any experience with these schools or any advice I am all ears.


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I am starting the LPN program at spencerian on june 29th. I am also a graduate of spencerian colege(went there for medical coding) I had originally enrolled in the invasive cardiovascular program back in 2006. If you are wanting to go that route, do the radiology tech program, not the invasive cardiovascular program. You will have a MUCH better shot at finding a job as an xray tech than as a cardiovascular tech. not only that but the xray tech program teach you the same thing as the cardiovascular program, as well as all the radiology aspects. As far as nursing goes, everyone in louisville says that galen is a much better nursing school then spencerian, but all you have to do is get on the klb website and check each schools past rates. Last year(2007) spencerians LPN and RN programs had higher pass rates then galen(though galen had more students) and this year(2008) galen and spencerian's lpn program had the same pass rate(93%) but galen's rn program had a higher pass rate then spencerian. I know the last few years that spencerian's rn program has had a few problems, but are still approved by the kbn. I will probably choose spencerian to receive my rn because all of the prerequiste in the rn program are done through sullivan university, so I would assume that those credits would transfer else if you decided to pursue a BSN. dont take my word for it of course, but I'm very familiar with spencerian. all schools have there good and bad but i received my associates degree there for medical coding and all and all, I had a very pleasant experience with the school. I only had one teacher I didnt like, but I showed her respect and didnt let her get to me so she didnt bother me and I didnt bother her. good luck in whatever avenue you pursue!

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