LPN to RN student must retake science courses

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I need advice. I’ve been an LPN for 16 years. I have just been accepted into the full time ADN program which means I will have to leave my full time job and find something else to work around my school schedule. I have taken all of the courses except the nursing classes, but I’m actually retaking classes I’ve taken for my LPN just to get my RN. I’m wondering if this makes sense. If I try to get into the LPN to RN Program I will have to repeat my sciences.

Dear LPN to RN,

Congrats on being accepted!

Go for it. Yes, it's annoying to repeat courses which may have expired, but it makes sense, considering it's been 16 years- if not to you, then to all college admission types.

You just have to keep your eye on the goal, which is a new career with so many options for advancement. It will go faster than you think.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth