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LPN to RN pay change


Hello there, I have been an LPN/Medic for 12 years and have worked for one hospital the entire time (other than my military reserve mobilizations). I am also maxed out on the LPN pay scale, have won the highest award my position is eligible for twice, and will be graduating from a local ADN RN school within the next few months, likely as valedictorian.

Here is my question, I will be hired as a RN at the same facility I already work at, likely on the same Med/Surg floor upon graduation. Is it likely I will be hired as a brand new RN grad or will Human Resources take my prior experience into consideration? Thanks, have a great day.

Sour Lemon

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It could go either way. Some facilities don't count LVN experience at all for RN positions. Others give some credit. You need to ask your employer.

Thanks, yea I have talked to them and can't get a straight answer. That's why I floated the question here. It's a VA hospital And I know it goes to the RN board for review. I guess I will wait and see.

Totally depends on the facility.

I am graduating an LPN - RN program in a week. I interviewed with two different hospital systems for new grad spots.

One didn't offer any credit for my 12 years as an LPN. The other gave me half time, so they offered me the pay rate of an RN with 6 years of experience, which was one of the main reasons I took that position haha.


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Being a VA hospital I think you are less likely to recieve credit for your years of expierence as they follow Federal guidelines and not state. They are strict about the steping tiers. I worked as an LPN for 6+ years and then graduated the LPN-BSN program. The VA Hospital would not offer me any credit, had two other offers from two different hospitals that were contracted with unions in Washington State. Even thought, BOTH, contracts stated that LPN years of experience would be recognized as half coming in, only facility would honor that! SO... I went with the one that honored my years! I was contract at the VA and was making $26/hr and going into my new position I started at $33.41, WITH a raise twice a year and annual step increase (so three raises a year) built into the union contract. If you can get into a hospital with a union I recommend it:) P.S.It didn't make difference pay wise if I had my BSN or ASN bc they required everyone to get their BSN within 5yrs of hire anyway.

Hope this helps!!Persevere and branch out to get the most of your worth!!!Don't let anyone discredit the valuable experience you gained as an LPN!!