Work as LPN first or go straight for my RN

  1. Currently in my second semester of LPN school, and my grades have been pretty great so far. If I'm able to keep it up, my school has an articulation agreement with Helene Fuld. Now my question is, after I do graduate and pass my boards, etc, should I go straight into RN school, or should I work approximately 6 months to 1 year and gain the experience? I would love your thoughts on this, and if you guys have opinions about Helene Fuld, I'd love to hear them!
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  3. by   Rhart166
    I've been a LPN for 6 years and currently working on my bridge. If you are going to sit for your boards, then you might as well gain some experience while you're at it. It's all relevant work experience, and it will only help you.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Can't you work and maybe start the bridge program part-time? Do some prerequisites? That would be the best of both worlds.
  5. by   astonangie
    Some schools require you to have almost a year experience to bridge over. You may want to look into that to help make your decision. Good luck and congrats.
  6. by   the_murse_factor
    I been a LPN for a year and worked full time in a SNF/Rehab. Gained a lot of valuable experience. If you are going to get the license you should use it to your advantage.