What's wrong with California??

  1. A few years ago when I was first looking into continuing my education, there were plenty of RN to ADN programs. Now it seems in California they are only offering the so-called LVN career ladder or 30 unit option, which is a terminal option, that allows you to get your RN but you do not graduate and you cannot ever continue your education in nursing.

    There are quite a few LVN to BSN options, otherwise there is the option to just forfeit any school experience from LVN school and just go straight from the beginning. I was hoping to go to ADN, then work as an RN at my current workplace while getting my RN to BSN online. Looks like it my no longer be possible to go this route.

    Who's idea was that 30 unit option??? Who benefits from putting a bunch of nurses on a career path that ends at an RN without an ADN or BSN or any option to continue to a masters degree? I really don't get it. Do those nurses have the opportunity to ever go back to school, say straight from the beginning of a BSN program and do it all over again if they want to to? Or is it truly terminal, once you get that RN license you could never continue your education in terms of nursing? I just don't understand what the possible benefits of that could be. It seems like they are tying up a lot of the nursing programs at the public schools now with this 30 unit option that is not going to be the best career path for most people.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    When I went to school, a decade or two or three ago, the 30 unit option was essentially only words on paper. Instructors at my program insured we knew that this was space available only and that there would never be any space available, so no one was encouraged to get their hopes up regarding this pathway.
  4. by   Mr_Edwino
    School is a business, and they are selling a product. You are smart for looking into it further. . With that being said, there are plenty of programs available that will get you to where you are going in CA. You can even go the LVN-MSN route if you so desire. Research your program and proceed with caution. The LVN ladder is useless and a waste of money. No hospital will hire them. In my opinion, the only reason people should be getting an LVN/ADN in 2018 in California now are those that plan to bridge. Unless you love LTC...