What Did You Do For LPN - RN Bridge School?

  1. Realization didn't hit until about an hour ago at 2am, that I'm officially back in Nursing school. I am currently attending a bridge program at Academy for Nursing in West Palm Beach, FL. It has been my experience with this school previously, that they OVER prepare you (I know ... you can never be OVER prepared for nursing but they did!). I stared at the syllabus of all the Med/Surg and Pharm Chapters to remember for our 1st exam tomorrow,for a good 10 minutes and thought to myself, I'm sure my Cortisol levels have increased, BP has elevated and my respirations are becoming shallow and my hair is going to look like hell tomorrow.

    So my question to you RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, ARNP, CRNA and every other titled person from the RN food chain is.

    How did you do it? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? ..survive this?

    Any guiding words or motivational quotes would be "PERFECT!" So that I can relay the message to my classmates and shine a little light.

    I appreciate your time reading this as procrastination for studying is lurking behind me. LOL!
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  3. by   JennJillO
    First of all, good luck to you. It's all possible! I was an LVN for 7 years, now an RN and working in my BSN. I tell people, if I can do it, you can do it. I started my Bridge program with a 6 month old baby, working nights full time, going to school full time and dealing with a terminally-ill mother-in-law. I still pulled straight Bs. Could've had As but just too much going on. You end up "just doing it". You do what you can do. I didn't sleep much, often times going to clinical with 30 minutes sleep prior. I'm a safe nurse just so you know. It's 2-1/2 semesters, anything is possible. I brought my notes everywhere with me. Try to eat a nutritious diet and try to sleep. Study but don't over study. Take breaks and do some fun things for yourself. Like unsaid if I could do it, anyone can. : )
  4. by   2prettyperiod
    Im thinking of attending this bridge program in Sept. 2014. I just want your insight on the program. do you reccomend it? I've been a LPN for about 2 years now and I'm ready to get back into school. I will be moving from Mississippi to attend this school so I want some insight from a prior student. This will be a big move for me and I have approx. 3 weeks to decide for sure if I will move the WPB or not. Please tell me what you think. My direct email is kalandamckinnie@hotmail.com
    thank you