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  1. I've been enrolled in this program for a year, and I only have 9 classes to finish it. The Main Core RN classes and Micro with Sociology. I am looking for someone who wants to get together every day or few days to study the same classes. Bring your laptop or whatever as we bounce quizes and ideas and study questions back and forth. I've been in this program for a year and havn't be able to study because of time and work. I am a LPN in florida. I live in Sarasota area but willing to travel to other places close by to meet for a regular study time. We set goals and tests dates so we have a deadline and study together without all the things they'll get us distracted. I am a guy and have a girl that l live with, so if your a girl don't be surprised if she shows up. If your a guy, don't be surprised if you don't see her =). I just need to get my ass in gear and study an hour or two a day. If anyone is interested, please email me and please put in the subject: "Study group/partner for college network.' or what not, so i don't think it's spam and delete it. Thanks everyone!
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    It might be helpful if you put which school you are enrolling in. The College Network is not a school but a publishing company that creates 'customized' study guides for a variety of distance and online education programs. They also work with a financing company to offer private loans to prospective students to financy the cost of the study guides. If you are LPN to RN the two major schools are Indiana State University and Excelsior College (though EC is definitively NOT affiliated with nor do they endorse the College Network program).

    Nearly all of the distance/online education programs have a forum in the online education section of this site, should you wish to check it out: Online Nursing Schools, Colleges, and Universities
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