Temple College LVN to RN 2014

  1. Hey all!!! Just wondering if there were any other LVN's in Central Tx that will be applying to next years ADN program at TC? Or if anyone bridged recently that can give me some advice?
    I am finishing up my last prereq this summer, and I am already soooooo nervous about applying! A few of my co-workers had applied this year and didn't get accepted. That makes me nervous! One has been an LVN for 17 years! I've only been one 5, so my anxiety level is through the roof!
    I have a really good GPA, so I really hope I get accepted, but as far as I know, they only accept 35 bridgers.

    Anyway, I just figured I could reach out and find others out there in the same boat as me, that way we can go through this together!
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  3. by   Jus3
    Hello, I am not in the LVN program, but was going to apply to Temples ADN program. Unfortunately, I am not much help answering your q's. But, I was wondering how the LVN program was there? Did you like it, do you recommend it?
  4. by   summerblessing
    I graduated back in 2008, but I have no complaints! I loved all the teachers and I thought the program was awesome. Its fast paced and hard, but if you study alot, its do-able!
    Good luck to you!!! I've heard nothing but good things about the ADN program, so I'm sure you will love it.
  5. by   mysstorey
    I plan on apply as soon as the application period opens. I am interested in hearing other responses to this as well.
  6. by   summerblessing
    omg yay! Someone else who will apply with me!

    Are you done with all your pre-reqs yet? I'm in Micro right now. I cant wait to get all this behind me!
  7. by   lovetobeanurse
    summerblessing- I know you are applying to the RN program. But I wanted to know if you could give me some more insight on the LVN program. I am currently looking to apply for the LVN program this fall. Was it hard to get it? What was the schedule and hours like? I'll be in Killeen so its a 30 min drive :/ but I hear that TC is better than CTC. BTW I have all my pre-reqs for the RN program finished too. I have already done A&P 1&2, Micro, English 1301, both psychology classes, speech, english for tech&business writing and some other ones...
  8. by   summerblessing
    I graduated in 2008, so its been awhile. My sister graduated this year from the LVN program. She said everything was pretty much the same as when I went. A few different teachers, same material. While I was in school, there were 3 people from my class from Austin that made the commute everyday. They said it was well worth it. I have not heard many people compare it to CTC, so I wouldnt be able to give you any insight there.
    I am not gonna lie, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I felt like I abandoned my family and there were tests just about every other day. It really does require a lot of studying. They pack so much into that one year, that its very fast paced. There were times I didn't think I would make it, but I am truly glad I stuck to it. I love my job so much. I am glad I did my LVN first, because all of the experience has helped me soooo much. I had no medical experience prior to going into LVN school, other than working the front desk at S&W. So, this has been a blessing. My friend went straight thru RN school and she said she couldnt believe how fast paced the LVN stuff was.
    If you have the time, and the ability to go thru RN school, do it! I, unfortunatly couldnt cause I had a 1 yr old at the time, and we were struggling to make it. I knew I wouldn't be able to go 2 years without money. Plus, coming from NO experience, I wanted a lil under my belt before I took on the responsibilities of being an RN. I loved LVN school, and I am super glad I went You will love either program!
  9. by   AngPartridge3
    I chose not to go straight into the ADN program since I have small kids and need to bring my gpa to one I can live with, but I did just apply for the LVN program at TC yesterday and when kids are a bit older, I hope to bridge as well!! But good luck, sorry I wasnt much for advice, but I have heard they emphasize the GPA. So just keep that up- do well in your pre reqs and Im sure you will be fine
  10. by   summerblessing
    Good luck to you as well! I did the LVN program first in 2008. I am soooo glad I did! I have learned SO much. I also had a small childat the time, and didnt have the means to go straight through.

    My fingers are crossed for you to get in! If you and I do get in, I can help you if u ever need help! Ill be upstairs, you will be downstairs

    Good luck!!!!
  11. by   AngPartridge3
    I am crazy nervous about getting accepted. I think I did well for a mom of 2. I get insecure when others are speaking of their higher test scores and how much more they seem favorable over me getting into the program but Im trying to stay hopeful. Thank you though, summerblessing, that makes me feel better about trying this with have small kids. And I will definitely be looking for you! Can't wait! I have been mom and trying to do well in school- thats it. So it will be nice to be surrounded by people that have the same career goals and interests, etc. If I get accepted <3 Is the RN program on the "same" schedule. Will we both be starting at the same time per getting accepted although different programs?
  12. by   summerblessing
    Yep! The bridgers will start the same time as the LVN students. I think school is set to start in 145 days (lol but whos counting right?!)

    Dont let other people get you down. People did the same when I applied to the LVN program. It was funny, cause eveyone who SAID they made higher grades than me werent in my class? I made an 84 on my hesi in 2007, started the program and graduated in 2008. Don't let nerves get to you. Although, I totally understand if you do, cause I turned in my bridge app today and I have to wait 66 days to find out if I was accepted, and I am a nervous wreck.
    Have faith You will be fine!!! I think they make the wait so long to give us grey hair!
    And when you do start the program, my best friend is set to graduate in May, so get with me and Ill get you her books! Save u some stress there anyway!

    Heres to hoping to see each other come June 2!!! Ill have to keep checking back when letters start to come in to see if you get in! <3
  13. by   AngPartridge3
    Hi! Sorry I didnt realize you posted, Summerblessing. I made an 82 overall on the hesi, made B's for the "pre-req" courses that give you the extra points and all I see is everyone making 90 and up -_- I asked the secretary if she wanted my "transcripts" from nursing school since I am a CNA but she said my file was complete..so..here I grow gray. I cant even imagine being a bridger. I bet thats not easy to wait on either. Staying positive though and you are not the only one counting. Well, Im atleast counting down to the 7 of feb which is when im hoping our letters going out. I didnt have a general idea of when school would start. Thats great about your best friend! I bet thats exciting nearing graduation Im going to figure out how to mark this post for incase you post again so I can keep up with ya. About two more weeks and we should know the status *fingers crossed for us*
  14. by   mz32
    hi summerblessing my name is Maggie. I have been following this forum with you guys for two days. I have been accepted as well into the bridging program at temple. I was trying to get some info to see if they make it hard for you to pass or they help you. I went to a different lvn program so it kind of scary starting somewhere new where you don't know anyone. hope to hear from you soon.