Quincy College LPN-RN Fall 2017 - page 2

Hello AN, Who's anxiously waiting like me? Who attended the program during weekdays evenings 2:30-10:30?... Read More

  1. by   Bsilva
    Hello, I received my letter of acceptance today, for the Fall at the Quincy Campus. Good Luck Everyone!!!
  2. by   LPNMama13
    Anyone else accepted to the plymouth campus LPN-RN starting in the fall? I though it was evening courses? I was recently told my clinical will be 7am-3pm MW and lecture TH 9am-12pm.
  3. by   UnitedLPN
    Hi LPNMama 13,

    I was accepted into the Quincy campus for this fall. I was hoping to be accepted into the Plymouth campus for the LPN2RN program. I am just excited to be accepted into the nursing program. Which nursing orientation are you attending?
  4. by   afegiselle
    Hi, I was accepted into the Plymouth LPN@RN program this Fall. I'm not too sure about the times for clinicals and lectures. But I was also told they are in the evening.