No repeats on pre-reqs

  1. Hello all! I have a question and figured let's try throwing it out there to see what y'all think. I am trying to get my BSN in the worst way. Actually finished LPN school back in July 2012 (like most have had zero luck in finding a job with no experience) and want to continue bc my ultimate goal is NP.

    I'm down in sunny south Florida and have found a handful of programs which offer accelerated BSN programs (have a previous BA in completely unrelated field) but here's the catch- every one of them says no (or possibly 1) course repeat. Does this mean if you failed a course and repeated it you're out of luck? I didn't fail my prereqs but, once upon a time as a young dumb kid, I enrolled in many classes and subsequently withdrew from all of them a month or so into the semester stupid now I know.

    Part of me says that I should just apply to every one of the programs down here and let them turn me down (another thing my GPA back in undergrad achool was somewhere around 2.9 just under the mark for most programs).

    The thing is, application fees add up and 5 schools could theoretically be around 500-600 which when you can't find a nursing job and you're sustaining on part-time from elsewhere, this can really be rough.

    Guess i am just looking for input as to what you all would do in this situation. Extra points for firsthand experience

    Thank you.
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