NLN PN-RN ACE Childbearing/Health Exam - page 2

Hi there, Anyone familiar with the NLN ACE 1 PN-RN Childbearing and Child Health exam? If so, do you have any thoughts or tips? This test is given to "CLEP" out of Maternal Child Health courses... Read More

  1. by   ashemson
    I just took the ACE Foundations and the OB/Peds test last week. The foundations was actually all med/surg questions, and the OB/Peds part was ALL about diseases of the ped. Had nothing at all about pregnancy, delivery, etc. Does anyone know if the tests are always changing and maybe different each time it is given? I don't know my results yet, but I have a horrible feeling that I may be retaking the OB/Peds portion!
  2. by   Rexie68
    i don't know if things are different for everyone, but my peds and ob were two seperate tests. perhaps you only took the peds test? another lpn and myself took the two tests (one ob and one peds)at the same time, and they were two different versions, so i don't they probably rotate the versions. we didn't have to take the foundations test; penn state accepted our lpn as proof of foundations of nursing. good luck
  3. by   mandrasmith
    Hello. This is my first time posting. I am hoping for some insight on the NLN exam. The school I am hoping to attend only requires Fundamentals, OB, and Peds. I have taken the test once and passed the Fundamentals. I am in need of some study material suggestions for OB/Peds. Please help. :wink2: I would really appreciate any response. Thanks, Mandy.
  4. by   kajunscrap
    what school are you attending?