LVN to RN 30unit program

  1. So I've been looking into getting my RN and I came across this 30unit LVN to RN program offered by Sac State..... So I was just wondering what the deal was. Do hospitals hire RNs with only 30units in?! Is this or should this even be a option for us LVNs that want to get ahead? and to the RNs that have come across these 30unit Grads.... Do you respect them... do grads with only 30 units seem like they had enough school time or is this just a "Get Rich Fast" waste of time?! Thanks all

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  3. by   leinasmom
    From what I have heard it is only in California that this is an option and that you may have problems going on to your bsn if you wanted to later down the road. I say look at the CA board of nursing website and gather more info or contact Sac states nursing department to inquire about more details.. good luck..
    I too, live in CA and am a LVN, but I am going to to the full 2 semester bridge for my ASN..then do my bsn online while working..that is if I can get a job.. I am hearing and seeing it is ruff in CA for new grads with no nursing work experience.
  4. by   KBLaRoche
    Yeah That's what I've been hearing as well No Luck finding info on it to give me a Good bunch of info on my questions, and Long term if I'm not able to get my BSN not sure it'll be a good choice for me I've been here in Cali for a Year now and have gotten stuck working in home health... while it gives me the flexibility and comfort and not to mention the experience in Pediatrics that i was longing for, because i have two little ones my ultimate goal is to work in a hospital and I am seeing no such luck getting in! Grrr Thanks for the advise