LVN-RN West Hills College Lemoore, CA - page 2

Has anyone applied to this years lvn to rn program in Lemoore?... Read More

  1. by   justcup
    I just got the call!!!' I'm in!!!!
  2. by   TCNurse86
    YAY!!!! Congratulations

    I just got the call about 10 minutes ago, I'm in too!! So excited and relieved!
  3. by   justcup
    Yaaaaay! Awesome! Do you have Facebook?
  4. by   c_andrade85

    you guys are talking about the lvn-rn program that’s startingsummer of 2012 right? i’m totally new to this site and i don’t see a year onthe comments. does anybody know somebody who has been in the program? or knowanything about what the schedule will be like or where the clinical sites willbe?
  5. by   TCNurse86
    Yes, talking about the program starting this summer. As far as I know, most clinical sites are in Hanford but I can't say for sure if that's the only place they will be. Will you be starting the program too??
  6. by   c_andrade85
    yes i will also be starting the program this summer, haveyou also passed the teas test or will you be taking it?
  7. by   TCNurse86
    Awesome! I look forward to meeting you

    I took the TEAS in January, so luckily I don't have to worry about it anymore.
  8. by   c_andrade85
    cool, so do you know if we are in for sure then, or willthere be another round of selections?
  9. by   justcup
    Yay! I'm taking the TEAS on Friday. Not very worried, I took it a year ago and got an 80 without studying. I'm so excited to meet both of you! I was looking at summer classes on the class finder, but I'm not sure which will be the ones we will be taking. I think we just have 5.5 units in the summer ?
  10. by   justcup
    The guy that called me said if your TEAS is better than 67 then you're in.
  11. by   c_andrade85
    that’s awesome, i didn’t want to get my hopes up to early,i’m so excited now. i look forward to meeting you guys in class as well. from whati hear there will only be 12 of us so i’m thinking we will be getting to know eachother very well. does anybody know if we will be having clinicals at thehospital or a clinics during summer school?
  12. by   justcup
    I'm not sure, maybe we will just be in a skills lab? I could really use brushing up on some skills that I haven't used since lvn school like venipuncture and ng tubes ands stuff :/
  13. by   TCNurse86
    I have no idea either if we start clinicals right away. Hopefully they let us know that stuff at the orientation, it would be nice to know what we're walking into!