LPN to RN (ADN) looking for summer internship/work in Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Hello all! I am hoping that I am creating a new thread in the correct area. My name is Veronica and I am an LPN in Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently going to Lakeland Community College for my ADN and I have also taken all but two of my prereqs/gen eds for Cleveland State's ADN to BSN program.

    I will graduate in December 2014 with my ADN. I am looking for any health care facilities in the area that would be willing to hire an RN intern for the summer of 2014. I have seen that MetroHealth hires interns, although they state they hire interns who are in a BSN program, and I am in an ADN program even though I am well on my way to having my BSN. I have been in contact with an advisor at Cleveland State since I decided to go to college. Would that help my case? Do you think MetroHealth would consider me for an intern position? or anywhere in the area for that matter?

    My other concern is that I am an LPN. I am worried that hospitals would consider me overqualified for an internship, since I am already a nurse. Because of this, I am also interested in summer LPN work! I currently work for a company that staffs nurses in schools, and work is only available during the school year. Does anyone have any ideas for resume building summer work for an LPN?

    I have long term care and school clinic nursing experience on my resume at this time. I would love to work a temporary position in a hospital or community setting in the summer to broaden my experience. Any ideas? Should I consider a staffing agency?

    Any advice or information is appreciated!!!
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