lpn to rn student needing some help!

  1. hello all. this is the second week of school for me and we were asked to write a paper. I'm not sure on how to answer some of these questions and they aren't in the readings. someone help!!

    Explain the RN responsibility for the development and management of a client’s plan of care; Discuss the RN role as a collaborative member of the interdisciplinary health care team; Describe the RN responsibility as advocate for ensuring safe, quality care for diverse client populations
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    Think about your current place of employment. What things are you not allowed to do, and why? More importantly, whose responsibility is it to do said things? Also you may want to think about a typical plan of care and its purpose.

    Check with your BON and review the scopes of practice for RN and LPN and then compare the two. I'm sure the information is contained in the readings. It's probably just paraphrased in a way that you don't yet recognize.

    If you've worked as an LPN, you know these answers. You just need to stop and think for a minute. It will come to you, then you can compare what you know to be true, to what is actually written in your nursing texts.
  4. by   Proudnurse000
    thank you so much hun i had to stop and defuse because i felt so frustrated lol. after carefully reading the chapters i found a couple answers. thanks again