LPN starting ADN in Fall!!

  1. I am a LPN and have been for about 7 years. I start Goodwin College in Sept.. Very excited and anxious at the same time.. I just wanted some feedback from those that have the experience of starting NS and working at same time. Also i wanna know what classes to start with..I am planning on going 3/4 time which is 3 classes.. I really cant wait to get on with this bc i have trying to start NS for like 2 years..I first went to The College Network and now i am in debt 10,000$ bc that is the worst choice i made..They have no structure to their program at all. I know that it is self paced but there are no assigments, due dates for anything or online instructors.. i believe that they are thieves!! just want your money!!

    Sooooo, anyways, LOL!! i cant wait to start school!! Please leave me some feedback on materiAls i may need and which classes i should begins with..thanx do much
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  3. by   AZMOMO2
    Are you then just doing pre/co reqs for the RN now? If so that was pretty easy with working as an LPN less hectic than the nursing program.

    However, now that I am working fulltime nights as an LPN (3 12 hour shifts) and going to RN school fulltime during the day, I wish I had it as good as I did in my LPN program when I didn't work. It can get pretty hard because of lack of sleep. But it's doable if you have support, with a dedicated focused time to study your school work.

    It's a bit harder than I expected.
    i just signed up for my classes: medical math, eng, and this stupid course that is required called College Experience which is to show u how to research write papers plegarism, etc. I actually think bc they offer some online classes as well, that i may take the comp literacy course online just to get it outta the way.. Then i will have my chem, sciences, pysch, soc, public speaking, and they may be a couple more.. I cant wait really.. i do have some worries tho hate to say, i have to make sure that my background check wont harm my chances with clinical sites..dont really wanna go into depth but i will say that i have no criminal history at ALL but there is this thing that will come up when that check is ran..i am going to schedule a meeting with the Director of the nursing dept at my school to talk with her about it...please do not take it wrong that i am not saying what my deal is but it is just that this online for anyone to see and i donot want to be judged... :-)

    how far along are u in school??? what classes have u taken??