LPN-RN Question

  1. I'm still in LPN school (acing everything wooohooo), but I'm so excited about finishing and going on to get my RN right away. There is only one institution (hospital) where I live that provides a nursing program (yeah, I know, country bumpkin town). I'm hearing all this "pre-req" talk and I was wondering if I can tackle that at nursing school or are those the type of courses I have to take at a community college?
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  3. by   roseynurse345
    It depends. How much does the nursing school cost? It maybe cheaper for you to take all the prereqs at cc, and then pay for nursing courses per credit at the college. Do u receive college credits for the lpn courses? You should contact the nursing college, and make sure they would accept courses from other colleges, and what is the mininium grade for transfer.