Is a California 30 unit RN + BSN OK for out-of-state?

  1. I'm looking at starting and LVN to RN bridge program in the Fall. I know that this will give me an RN license that is good in CA only. My question is, if I then continue with an RN to BSN program, will the BSN then make my license portable out of state?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Your post is confusing as an LVN who pursues a 30 unit option RN license, will not get a BSN.
  4. by   tropicbound
    Thanks for the quick reply to the post, caliotter3.

    To clarify, my plan is to start a 30 unit program in September. This means that next summer I'd sit for the NCLEX and get my RN license, restricted to California.

    6 months to a year after that, I'd go back to school to get my BSN, already having an RN. So the question is, once I get my BSN, will other states consider my "30 unit RN" valid?
  5. by   caliotter3
    Thanks for clarifying your post. Some other people were arguing similar points, as well as this option, on some other threads concerning getting the RN through Excelsior, which now is no longer recognized by CA. The info I saw in writing from San Jose State Univ, is clear that their 30 unit option, will not result in the degree. They make the student sign an acknowledgement and turn it in to the school. The whole process sounds very confusing to say the least. I notice that on the application for licensure, they also refer to the nongraduate option (for those students who have completed the equivalent of a 2 yr ASN program but have not graduated from the BSN program). To be quite frank, I think, unless someone else answers who has gone through this, that you should go to a local school of nursing and ask a counselor there (such as at SJSU) or communicate directly with the BRN.

    Sorry I could not be of more help, but I always try to distinguish between what I know to be a fact, and what I think is the case. I don't want to steer anybody down the wrong route.

    P.S. I think that the SJSU School of Nursing website contains the info papers for the different school options, including the 30 unit option. You could read about it there.

    I am caught up somewhere in this maze myself, and am not too happy about the run around that I have received this far. My situation is kind of unique, but I fit the criteria. Just a warning to you, if either the BRN or your school do not want to cooperate with your plans, you could just plain run into trouble with the process. Makes it seem like going the usual route is the best way all around. Good luck to you! Sorry this response is so long.
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