1. What influenced your decision to continue your education on becoming a registered nurse? Why not just stay as a LPN?
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  3. by   fla orange
    I can honestly say I was "influenced" to stive for a Rn degree when I notice that theres a limit to the scope of practice a Lpn can do and areas to work. Being a Rn in the medical profession means that the sky is the limit.Access granted to teach nursing, become a supervisor and to go as high as nursing can take you,i.e. NP, CRNA or CNM.
  4. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    I work in Texas and take the exact kind/amount of patient's as my RN co-workers. I have been an LVN for 16 yrs. There are a few things I cannot do (push narcs/cardiac drugs, initial assessment) I am tired of doing the work of an RN and not getting the pay. I figure I will be able to get at least $8/hr more (at my current job) when I get my RN. I also want to be more marketable. More job opportunities for RN's than LVN's. I work with a couple of ditzy RN's that are my inspiration... I think "If THEY can do it, I can do it!"