Im new here!!

  1. Hi Im Clint, a new student in college and currently taking a prerequisite Biology subject for LVN...
    I just wanna know how things go in a lab or any lectures in any subjects that you guys have seems that its hard for me to do those assignments and projects. And plus im really weak when it comes to studying, so can anybody give me tips on how to... and what to...and what not to do. I mean to be honest with you all I am really lazy when it comes to studying.." I know I know I know its all about not being lazy to it and give your all to it..." but I get out of track most of the times, you know I'd be studying that day but gets really lazy by tommorow..
    Can you guys give me some tips on how to enjoy while im taking these courses for LVN..coz i think thats what I really need now. One thing about me is that English is not my first language, but I can understand it completely its just that my vocabulary hasn't grown in that level of thinking yet.. I mean Im good at writting but not at reading and understanding. So those are the reasons why I think that I cant do this that its hard for me to do.. Any help is welcome Thank you and God Bless!!
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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi and welcome,
    I can't imagine how difficult it is to try and do something like this out of your native language but a lot of people do. As for studying, I don't see anyway around it. I've always gotten good grades and thought that I was pretty sharp, lol, but I really had to stay on top of studying to cling to a 3.5 gpa. What I do that helps me is to study almost every night even if its only for an hour or two. I also work really hard to have an A going into the final exam because for some reason I'm about done at that point and can't seem to force myself to study any more. You will need to make a committment to yourself to stay focused. Best wishes, Jules