1. I am finishing my prereqs for the LVN program at COS. I don't know if I should just keep going and do prereqs for RN. But chemistry and micro bio scare the heck out of me. Any suggestions? Also from reading some of the posts, do RNs treat LVNs like glorified CNAs. :roll
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  3. by   GPatty
    I think you should do what is in your heart as far as LPN vs RN. Either profession is an admirable one.
    And as far as RN's treating LPN's crappy...
    No. I am a student, and almost every single RN I have run into is a kind and wonderful person, willing to help in any way possible! Some may treat others crappy, but I think it leans more toward their personality than toward the degree they hold!
    Good Luck in what ever you choose to do!
  4. by   lisadavis
    I was an LPN for a few years before i became an RN. i was treated like crap a lot. only a few RN appreciated the fact that the "N" in LPN/LVN means nurse too. it was probably the worst time of my nursing career but it was also the best. i learned alot without the pressure of being the one "responsible". some RNs made me do all their work. example: puting in all the foley catheters. i hated it at the time but to this day there is not a catheter i can't put in. this came in handy in oncology. i also had to put down all the NG tubes etc etc etc. experience that can't be beat. now, i never treat an LPN/LVN like anthing but and equal. there are certain things an RN has to do because of state code but WE ARE ALL NURSES!!!! we need to remember this. chem and micro aren't bad but i'll tell you the same thing i told a friend of mine who was wondering if she should go straight through or not, if you have any doubts about whether should keep going or not then you are not ready to keep going and if you are not ready you will not make it. second year stinks and you really need to focus, have a strong committment and lots of energy
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  5. by   banhart
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have always though Nurses were the salt of the Earth. I'll stay focused and do my best.
  6. by   sadie duncan
    i have been an Lpn for 5years and i have been treated crappy by
    the RNs despite the fact that i am the one who notice the doctors
    mistakes. i would advise you to go straight for your ADN so you can get the respect you deserve.