1. Hello fellow nurses! I pray today has been great for y'all! I need help. I want to be a RN but I need all of my prerequisites. What's the best route and the best online school since I can't afford to not work. Thanks in advance. I
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    In all honesty, only you will know which online program works BEST for you. Factors to consider are whether or not you are looking for in-state online LPN-RN bridge programs (cheaper), or online no matter where the location is, whether or not the program is accredited (very important), and your method of paying for this degree. You would also need to see how your state views online degrees for initial RN licensure.

    As for prerequisites, there are CLEP exams that thousands of nursing programs accept; however, you would need to contact a specific program to see if they would accept those credits. Some colleges accepts anything from CLEP exams, and some limit the amount of credits that you'd be allowed to transfer in.

    An advisor at the college or university would tell you exactly how many CLEP credits they would accept, as well as which ones to take for their specific program.

    Start with a simple Google search of Accredited online LPN-to-RN programs, and request information from the ones that interests you and fits into your budget. You will receive LOADS of emails and phone calls. Be sure to inquire about accreditation and then check it out for yourself by going to their website. Inquire about CLEP credits that they might accept. Check those out by going here: CLEP – Get College Credit With What You Already Know – The College Board

    There are so many to choose from. There is Indiana State University (LPN-to-BSN), Excelsior College (I did this one), and many others out there that are locally online. You just need to do your own research based upon what you can afford and how a program could fit into your work schedule.

    Good luck!