GPC Spring 2013 Applicants

  1. Is there anyone else that has applied to GPC Spring 2013 LPN to RN bridge program?
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  3. by   chstevans
    Yes, I applied to the LPN to RN bridge at GPC for Spring 2013. I have received my acceptance letter. I am waiting to hear what the next step is. I would really like to know the exact class and clinical days for work. We have already gotten our schedules through Dec. for work. I spoke with Renee Creel today and she said that we would not hear anything else until around the end of Oct.
  4. by   arn2bn2006
    I didn't get my letter until Sept 30 because I didn't update my address with the nursing department. I got in too though. I can't wait to get the details also. I am glad my job only does schedules 1 month at a time. Hopefully we will hear something soon!
  5. by   kiabostic
    Hello and Congratulations on your acceptance. I was also accepted and waiting on the next step. Look forward to meeting everyone & making study groups if possible.
  6. by   jonesel9
    I am trying to decide if I want to do the LPN to RN bridge program.Is it easier this route?Instead of transferring to a 4year university and jumping right into your nursing classes as well?Then you will already have your bachelor's degree?What are your opinions?