going from LPN to RN

  1. Would like to know the education path when going from LPN to RN. I am currently an LPN in the state of NY, but interested in furthering my career. How long approximately would this take and what would it entail in regards to course and clinical studies? Is there an outline somewhere on the web that would give me this information? Also, relocating to PA within the next 2 years or so and wondering if that would have any bearing on my decision. Would it be better to further my education in NY or wait until I relocate to PA? Thanks.....
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    First, it would depend on what degree you are going for as to how long it'll take to get through.

    Second, part time or full time plays a factor.

    Also, it depends on if any of your classes will carry over to the new school. That might shorten the time.

    Contact the school you are considering and set up an appt. with one of their counselors. They could probably give you a better estimate on a time frame, and also help you through options.