BS to lpn to BSN in NY

  1. please help! i have my bs and now i am going to school for lpn and should be done in jan hope to take nclex in march 2010. i am looking to get my bsn right away. whats the fastest way to get there? i need a school in li, brooklyn, or in the city. do you think that my bs will be counted for anything? i am hoping to find a school where i can be done in a year going full time.
    thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Your general education classes from your previous BS should transfer. Any prerequisite courses to the nursing program should also count as long as they are not more than five years old (or whatever length of time for each school). So you should be able to cut down on your time getting the BSN. You will also have the option of applying to accelerated BSN programs with your previous BS. Good luck with your plans.
  4. by   JS1979LPN
    any suggestions on which schools i should look into?
  5. by   SmartyRN
    Pace university in NYC, new rochelle in Westchester county and NYU also in the city have great 15 months BSN programs. I too have a BS, mine is in health services am now becoming an LPN student beginning this fall to later get my BSN. most sciences courses need to be within the 5 year range to be able to get them transferred. I will need to retake A&P as mine are 6-7 years old.
  6. by   AllSmiles225
    Farmingdale has an accelerated program..Molloy has LPN-BSN. Stony Brook University also has an accelerated program. I'm an LPN starting school in September and the school that I am going to would only take clinical credit I still have to do A&P I and II, Chem, Micro and Psychology. So you may want to look into that too.