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  1. Hello everyone!!

    I am now getting ready to go ahead and go to Bryant and Stratton College (I failed out at MATC and they have me going through so many hoops just to retake one class that I've had enough) and I'm freaking out. On Friday I have to go to an Information Session and while there I'll be filling out an application and such and then I'll be taking their placement test. I have to actually do well on this placement test in order to be able to take their nursing entrance exam.......I'm freaking out about the placement test because it's got math on their (simple math) and I haven't had to any kind of math in so long. It's on a computer and such, but still freaking's got mulitplications, fractions and ratios.....does anyone know where on the internet I could look to maybe get some help on this stuff?

    I'm excited at the same time because they are recuriting us for Jan. 10 of 07 to begin right away. I really want to do well so I can take this entrance exam (which I can go to the store and buy the nursing entrance exam).

    I really feel that this is my ticket to finish up my RN degree and move on with my life.......thanks for the help, and sorry this was so long!!

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  3. by   Jules A
    I think there is a Math for Dummies book in that series that might just fit the bill if you only need a refresher on basic stuff. Good luck.