Any graduates from Academy for Nursing (ANHO) WPB fl

  1. Hello everyone this will be my very first post YAY! I am attending academy for nursing and health occupations in west palm beach FL for there LPN program. I was hoping to speak with some alumni because intergration (end of the program) is coming up and any advice or tips would be great. I've heard they pull the material from EVERYWHERE not including your actual textbooks (go figure) so it makes it kind of difficult to study Im at a loss right now as far as what to study and I really want to pass integration I've worked so hard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. There is a user on here " Nursinginprogress" who I know is an Alumni but I cannot PM her yet if anyone knows of her please tell her to reply THANK YOU EVERYONE IN ADVANCE! You can also send me an email at
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    How was your experience in the ADN program there