A/P and Microbiology w/wo labs

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    For those of you attending or who have attended Excelsior, can you tell me what you think is the best way of handling the A/P & Microbiology requirements? My specific question is, do you think studying on my own and taking Excelsior's tests for A/P & Micro are good enough or should I take those classes with labs included at a campus? Would I be missing anything or jeopardizing my RN job choices by not having labs?
    Also, in another forum someone suggested that I take A/P through Colorado Tech online with labs? Do you have any info about that or other online schools that offer labs?
    I've basically made up my mind to attend Excelsior after obtaining my LPN this year (I graduate 03-2006), but this is one of my still lingering questions? THanks
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