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LPN to RN...need Minnesota advice

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I've been an LPN since 1994. I took sociology, speech and general psych at Normandale back in 1996-97. Then I took philosophy and a couple of other generals about 4 years ago.

Will my classes that I took at Normandale count toward my generals since they were 10 years ago or do I have to do those classes over?

I work full time as a group home nurse for the MR/MI and am seriously considering going back to school.

I've heard it is extremely hard to get accepted into a program, is it true?

I live near Faribault/Owatonna.


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I just took and passed the NCLEX-PN and am looking at going on for my RN; my prerequisites span from 1998 to 2005 (3 different schools, two different states). My husband and I are planning on eventually moving back home to MN (we're in Colorado right now), and now I'm trying to decide if I should spend the $20,000+ to get my LPN-BSN here in CO (no time limit on pre-reqs at Regis University and University of Phoenix) or wait until we move (which won't be for probably another 5+ years) and try and get in at a community college and just go for my Associate RN in MN. To make the long story short, here's info I found from Anoka Ramsey Community College about their program, which I'm imagining is about the same for most community colleges in MN. Good luck with your pursuits. Hope this info helps. http://www.ar.cc.mn.us/nursing_program/GeneralInfoPacket.pdf http://www.ar.cc.mn.us/nursing_program/FAQ_Sheet.pdf

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