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I have been trying to find a college in any state that has a fast track program for lpn/lvn's where you can test in without all of the prerequisites.

In 1988 my college did not give us credits for our courses, which I was not aware of until the end!

I have been a lpn for approx. 20 years. I don't have the luxury of time to go the slow route.

It seems that Arizona has some colleges that you can test in. My grade point average (GPA) was 3.72 and I was on the Presidents Honor Roll.

Anyone know of anything out there, anywhere? I will move if I have to.

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Murray State College offers a bridge program where LPNs are eligible to challenge certain courses. It is located in Oklahoma.

I attend a private bridge program in Oklahoma City that is 14 months long and includes all prerequisites. In addition, they will credit you with any prerequisite classes you may have completed.


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Thanks to TheCommuter! I appreciate that and will look into it.


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Commuter; How hard is it to get grants, scholarships, assistance for this? Also, it looks as though I can possibly test out and will only have 1-2 semesters. Have you heard anything about this? thanks

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