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I am an LPN interested in obtaining my RN. I am presently working full time hours and at the present time can't afford to quit. I was considering obtaining my RN via online. I already have some RN training. I started out in RN program. I only had one junior level course to take, then 4 senior-level courses. My RN schooling was in 1994-1996. I am debating what to do. I need to find out if all my credits would transfer into a program. Also, are RN degrees obtained online recognized by all? I heard that a local hospital does not hire RNs obtained online. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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HI i will give you a name of a truely awesome lady she can help you out. As of right now I don't know of any on line courses available and believe me i have been looking my self. Her name is Tammy Cook and her Number is 1-800-759-5947, when the receptionist comes on line just ask for Tammy Cook and she will get you fixed right up with a program that works for you. when you call tell her barb e-mailed you. She is just to awesome and i know you will like her, she will spend what ever time you need, answering questions, talking about the program, anything you need help with she will spend the time with you-barb

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